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  • University of the Philippines Visayas, Miagao, Iloilo


UPV as a leading institution in knowledge generation and translation in the fields of fisheries, aquatic sciences and allied sciences through excellent provision of support and efficient implementation of research and public service programs.


  1. Formulate policies and initiatives that will enhance and vitalize the research and public service activities of the university in the field of fisheries and aquatic sciences;
  2. Facilitate the conversion of research outputs to products for societal use;
  3. Initiate linkages which will enhance and bring in resources for research;
  4. Provide services to the communities to capacitate them through continuing education and livelihood trainings.

University Research and Extension Agenda

  • Coastal Happiness
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Environment and Natural Resources
  • Policy Research Support
  • Marine Biotechnology
  • Fish Conservation
  • Energy
  • Visayan Heritage
  • Economic Development Research Support
  • Enterprise Development Support
  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Change and Development
  • Integrated Coastal Management
  • Coastal Disaster Mitigation
  • Creative Works and the Arts


  1. To ensure that the research programs/projects are in accordance with priorities and policies of the University.
  2. To coordinate and monitor research activities of the different UPV units.
  3. To constitute ad hoc committees to assist in the evaluation of research proposals for funding allocation from both the University’s research funds and funds from external grants. Researchers from other agencies may be included in these committees.
  4. To undertake continuing evaluation of University research efforts for the purpose of assisting in the formulation of policies which shall facilitate and enhance the conduct of research.
  5. To generate projects and activities which shall encourage an integrated multidisciplinary approach to research in close collaboration with all units in the University.
  6. To develop linkages with other institutions for assistance and collaboration in the research efforts of the University.
  7. To undertake activities and projects which shall enhance the capability of the University and the community, e.g., training, seminars and workshops.
  8. To publish research results regularly through abstracts publication, and to publish research-based papers in UPV’s peer-reviewed journals: the PJNS and PJSSH.
  9. To give technical assistance to UPV researchers and the community who wished to publish in the local or international journals.
  10. To conduct research symposia that will enable researchers to discuss results with peers and special public.
  11. To maintain the operations of the Regional Research Center (RRC).
  12. To maintain the operations of the  UPV’s-TTBDO

Activities and Services

  1. Accepts proposals for the following research windows
      • Regular In-house Research
      • Mentored Research
      • Leveraged Research
      • Creative Work
      • Small-budget research
      • Thesis 
  1. Maintains databank for all research, creative work, publication and public service undertakings of the University
  2. Online publication of UPV journals (Philippine Journal of Natural Sciences and Philippine Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities)
  3. Monitoring of all proposals for all research windows
  4. Keep track of the yearly RCWPPS budget
  5. Conducts/organizes trainings/seminars that are deemed necessary
  6. Maintain library materials for use of UPV community and the community
  7. Continuously links with other SUCs  though its Institutional research collaboration
  8. Supervises the operation of the TTBDO and the RRC.
  9. Provides publication support for researches.