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DOST PCAARRD-IARRD conducts Inception Meeting & Monitoring and Evaluation to various fisheries projects

DOST PCAARRD-IARRD conducts Inception Meeting & Monitoring and Evaluation to various fisheries projects

Representatives from the Department of Science and Technology-Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquaculture and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST-PCAARRD), Inland Aquaculture Resources Research Division (IARRD) had an inception meeting for new projects as well as monitoring and evaluation of existing projects last April 25, 2023 at the FC Conference Room, UP Visayas.

The representatives from DOST PCAARRD IARRD present were Dr. Adelaida T. Calpe, IARRD Director, Ms. Kristine Joy Tandang, SRS II/ Mussel ISP Manager, and Dr. Cynthia V. Almazan Sr., SRS/Tilapia ISP Manager. 

The event was also attended by different project leaders and their respective research staff from UPV and MSU-Naawan, representatives from the UPV Accounting Office headed by Ms. Eleanor Ravena, OIC and representatives from the UPV Supply, Property and Services Office (SPSO). This event was also made available through Zoom. The attendees online were research staff from MSU-Naawan as well as representatives from their accounting and property offices. 

During the inception meeting, Ms. Kristine Joy Tandang presented the revised DOST Guidelines for the Implementation of R&D Projects, followed by an open forum. Right after, the new projects were presented by their respective project leaders and these were: 

  • Project 1: The Fishery, Socio Economic aspect, and Governance of Mytella strigata in the Philippine waters-Dr. Harold M. Monteclaro, Program/Project Leader (UPV)
  • Project 2: Biological and Ecological Aspects, and Socioeconomic Impact of the Non-indigenous Mussel, Mytella strigata, in Newly Infested Area-Mr. Kaent Immanuel Uba, Project Leader (MSU-Naawan)
  • Project 3: Pest to Feed: The Potential Use of Invasive Mussel Mytella strigata as Wet and Dry Feeds-Ms. Mechie Ann C. Florida, Project Leader (MSU-Naawan)
  • A Valorization of Agri-Fishery Materials Using Opportune Science (AVAMOS): Nanomaterials from Mussel Shells for Agri-aquaculture Applications-Dr. Concepcion P. Ponce, Project Leader (UPV)
  • Myco Feeds for Freshwater and Saline Tilapia Culture-Dr. Rex Ferdinand Traifalgar, Project Leader (UPV)

The presentation of the new projects were followed by the monitoring and evaluation of existing projects.These projects were scrutinized in terms of its targets and budget utilization. These were: 

  • Product Process Optimization at Up-Scale Production and Marketing Plan for Low Salt-Fermented Mussel (Perna viridis) Sauce-Dr. Reynold D. Tan, Project Leader (UPV)
  • Field Testing and Performance Evaluation of saline-tolerant Philippine Tilapia Strains Cultured in Different Geographical Brackishwater Ecosystems-Dr. Rex Ferdinand M. Traifalgar, Project Leader (UPV)
  • Medium Chain Fatty Acids and Mannose Polysaccharide from Coconut as Dietary Supplement to Promote Growth and Improve Health of Cultured Saline Tolerant Strain of Tilapia nilotica-Dr. Carmelo S. del Castillo, Project Leader (UPV)
  • Utilization of Marine Diatoms as Dietary Additives to Enhance the Omega-3 Fatty Acid Profile of Seawater Strain Tilapia nilotica-Mr. Fredson H. Huervana, Project Leader (UPV)

UP Visayas and MSU-Naawan continue to work together with DOST-PCAARRD in terms of advancing science-based innovations to benefit various stakeholders in the field of fisheries.